photo 5 things to plan before you go to India

5 things to plan before you go to India

India is a fascinating holiday destination because of its rich cultural diversity and tourist attractions. It is endowed with a scenic landscape where you can take beautiful pictures, amazing landmarks, and tasty food. It is also an interesting shopping destination if you are looking for unique gifts, home decorations, and especially, computers and high-tech devices. Visiting India should be enjoyable and full of excitement, if you carefully plan before going.

Five things to plan before your trip to India

1. Carefully choose the clothes to put in your luggage: India is a conservative country with diverse religions and cultures. You are highly recommended that women wear loose clothes; and it is also advisable to cover up. Avoid wearing tight clothes and clothes which reveal shoulders and other sensitive parts of the body. Some parts of India are too conservative and they may be offended with the way you are dressed if it is too daring. Avoid wearing sleeveless dresses or tops, and do not wear mini-skirts, shorts, and leggings.

2. Get vaccinations: India is a generally safe country. Even so, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends the following vaccines before going to India: typhoid, hepatitis A and B, rabies, measles, mimps, rubella, (MMR), influenza. Vaccinations can be done 1 or 2 months before your departure in your home country.

3. Apply for a visa before going to India: It is not easy to apply for a visa to India. Ask for information at the Indian Embassy in your home country. There are several procedures to follow. Whether you go to India for tourism or for business, your passport should be valid for more than six months. If not, your visa will not be valid.

4. Find out about the Indian culture: India is popular with its cultural diversity. Before going on a trip to India, read about body language, clothes, and acceptable cultural behavior in India. Women should be careful with their body language because it may offend the local people. For example, they should avoid eye contact, and avoid touching men.

5. Plan your itinerary across India before leaving: India is rich in fascinating tourist attractions. From the awe-inspiring Taj Mahal, to the majestic Golden Temple and other temples with amazing architecture, tourists will have a lot to discover during their vacation in India. Do not also miss the opportunity to visit the Indian shopping malls for i-phones and other electronic devices. Therefore, plan an itinerary before going to India. The easiest way to plan your itinerary to discover India is through a travel agency.

A memorable trip to India

  • India is such a wonderful place to visit with its attractions and great food.
  • Its popularity is also due to its unique culture and shopping malls for high-tech devices.
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  • Book your flight and hotel ahead of time. Otherwise, you may miss the opportunity for the best flight and accommodation offers in this country of mass tourism.
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