photo 5 reasons to go on holiday in Sweden?

5 reasons to go on holiday in Sweden?

5 reasons to go on holiday in Sweden?

You have probably heard a lot about Sweden. It is one of the best and the most visited countries in the world, situated in Northern Europe. Many reasons push people to take a trip to this popular country.

The unique landscapes, the culture, the history and the people are one of the common reasons of the increase of Swedish tourism. If you are thinking of visiting the world's best places for holiday, Sweden may be one of your destinations.

Some reasons to go on holiday in Sweden

1. The history

Sweden is rich in history. The country has innumerable touristic sites that ensure the conservation of its unforgettable history and breathtaking architecture. They are not treasures, but they also play a very important role in the country's tourism.

Million annual visitors are inspired by the landmarks of Sweden's old centuries. Old monuments, cobbled streets, narrow alleys and museums are the best treasure troves that keep the history of Sweden. If you want to discover the Swedish history, don't miss to visit the following sites:

  • Drottningholm palace
  • Vasa Museum
  • Swedish History Museum
  • Kalmar Castle
  • Gamla Stan
  • Visby
  • Hallwyl Museum
  • Stockholm Cathedral

2. The nature and wildlife

Thanks to the many islands, national parks, mountains, bodies of water and many other natural landscapes, Sweden is a paradise of a wide range of wildlife.

All regions give different natures, each part of the country has its unique overview because of the different topography and climate. The different wild natural areas are home to several plant and animal species that complete the beauty of the country.

Here is the place where you can discover amazing wildlife such as the brown bear, wolverine, elk, beaver, arctic fox, golden eagle, and grey seal. To enjoy the wild places of Sweden, go to these places:

  • The Stockholm Archipelago
  • Skåne
  • Kosterhavet Marine National Park
  • Abisko National Park
  • Djurgården
  • The Göta Canal

3. The impressive sun hours

Apart from the beautiful natural landscapes, Sweden also has one thing that may amaze you, it is the unique sun hours. In most parts of Sweden, you can see the sun settling around midnight in summer.

From late May to mid-July, the sun never sets in northern Arctic Circle. The days are at their longest during the summer in the northern portion of Sweden.

This allows you to experience the magical time and practice endless activities during your summer holiday. Many people take advantage of the extra daylight to extend their work and holiday hours with full energy.

4. The cities

The beautiful natural landscapes are among the best of Swedish, but the visit is not complete without taking a tour around the spectacular Swedish cities.

Each of them has its unique characteristics that differ it from others. So you would rather visit more than one. Several means of transport are available to ensure your travel across all cities. Here are some of the best cities to visit when you are in Sweden:

  • Stockholm
  • Gothenburg
  • Karlskrona
  • Halmstad
  • Umea
  • Malmo
  • Helsingborg

5. The people

Swedes are often considered as shy people. Many people treat them as unfriendly and impolite. However, if you spend much time living with Swedish friends, you will totally forget these statements.

On the contrary, they are communicative, friendly and love close relationship. If you are planning to travel to Sweden, expect the good time you will have with Swedes and the best accommodation during your stay.

Traveling in Sweden

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